We would like to share with our followers all our marketing activities in order to keep uandksound fans informed

about our new products, new sale points across the world and last technical innovations to offer them the best

premier audio products.

Capital Radio has gently invited uandksound the 24th of September 2020 to participate in a dedicated multimedia

radio show to discuss about present and future marketing strategies to promote uandksound products and the

integration at home besides another professional applications.

Nowadays our lifestyle revolves around technology; in our interview with Capitol Radio we will explain how

uandksound is able to offer the best solution to reach its users through the social networks.


To listening our podcast please follow the link below:  uandksound interview






uandksound announces the new outdoor loudspeakers series and dedicated 100V/8ohm power amplifier for those

customers looking for the best sound performance and pleasant stay in gardens, pools, restaurants, discos, etc.

Designed for wide-ranging out-indoor applications the loudspeakers have transformer with multi taps for 100V/70V/8Ω

inputs offering versatility, and it is capable for commercial audio and public address applications.

We offer black and white alternative color or other customizable colors which is fit for different environment.

Feel free to contact us if you want to listening the new loudspeakers range.










uandksound has the pleasure of announcing its upcoming agreement with the Spanish HiFi magazine ON OFF the

1st of June 2020. Our new business relation will allow our customers to read new articles about our company besides

several product reviews in order to help worldwide audio fans to choose the best devices for the home environment.

Do not miss to read our publications on the magazine, furthermore many of them will be available to download

the English version through our official website.





uandksound wants to announce its new future Bluetooth LONDON ANC-HD200 on-ear device for May 2020.

Our engineers aim to redefine the world of Bluetooth headphones with the new Active Noise Control.

Please go to our products site to find out more about this !





uandksound wants to announce its new future Bluetooth OXFORD ANC-HD100 in-ear device for May 2020.

All our earphones are exclusively designed to offer you the best performance.

Please go to our products site to find out more about this !







uandksound would like to thanks all his effort to Miguel Diez Diseño Gráfico. Mentioned Graphic Design Studio

has been recently rewarded in a well renowned Spanish press contest for his professional career for the last years.

Our staff can just simply say that being working with their team has been a great honor and privilege.

uandksound sends to the Graphic Design Studio the best compliments meanwhile our international dealers wish

them a successful way for upcoming projects.




uandksound has officially attended for the first time the most prestigious High End audio show of Europe in May 2016.

This time, our team travelled to Munich, Germany to present the last products innovations, and meanwhile we have been

sharing a grateful stay with our new dealers in Europe. uandksound expresses its gratitude for it.

Please go to our Facebook site to find out more about this !




The annual CES High End audio/video Show once again was celebrated at the prestigious Venetian Hotel located in Las Vegas, USA.

Since the 6th until the 9th of January 2016 the most wellknown manufacturers will exhibit the lastest innovative audio/video products.

As could not be otherwise, uandksound has attended the exhibition to show its most fashionable products in the Suite room 30-330

at the Venetian Hotel. We are proud to say that the experience really worths it. Needless to say, the great atmosphere was impressive

as well as the good acceptance of our showroom.

uandksound kindly invites you to look some of our photos on our Facebook site !