Experience our last international projects around the world.

S Series & E Series

UandKSound announces another home theater from India. For this time, AV SENSE has designed a system of 9.2.2 channels that uses S6I x3 for LCR, SW1500 x2 subs, and E620IW x8 for sound effects.

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Home Theater 9.3.6

AV-SENSE has designed and engineered a stunning private home theater in India using the impressive M1200LCR x3, M1800SW x1, SW1500 x2, E620IW x6 and E610IW x6 loudspeakers.

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M6 Series & E1200I Subs

Dedicated Home Theatre configuration that uses M600IW for surround, M620 x3 LCR and E1200I x2 subwoofers. Project conducted by SG-AV Technology, official distributor based in Spain.

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Home Theatre in India

Exclusive design to get the best balance between sound performance and home integration. Exclusive project conducted by AV-SENSE company based in Bangalore, India.

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