UandKSound has a strong sense of commitment with its acoustically accurate and aesthetically superior design. Naturally, a careful balance of technical reliability and exceptional value is always our objective. Constantly improving even its most innovative designs, UandKSound builds evolution into every product, investing the effort to satisfy even the most discerning customer. That being so, we only offer the latest in audio technology for long term enjoyment.

We do not produce the cheapest loudspeakers and certainly don’t compromise on sound quality. Fortunately, many thousands of audiophiles worldwide agree with our philosophy.

UandKSound solutions are easily integrated into daily life. Their full enjoyment will not require complex installation and, whether watching a movie, or listening to your favourite artist, UandKSound brings to you an extensive catalogue where every audio enthusiast can find the most enjoyable experience without issue or compromise.


A loudspeaker is an ‘integral part’ of the environment. Many loudspeakers maintain the dual function of uncompromised sound reproduction and aesthetically pleasing industrial design. The result of continued integration between acoustic harmony and visual design, UandKSound speakers provide both.

The loudspeaker cabinet is of such fundamental importance that we drew inspiration from the construction concepts of some well-known stringed instruments. This is how UandKSound loudspeakers achieve their pure, natural, and definitive acoustic timbre.


There are many companies manufacturing great loudspeakers, but UandKSound is the sole company designing and manufacturing an innovative line of high-end cinema and custom loudspeakers, among others. We don’t follow the same design philosophy that our competitors adopt, rather, offer individual, unique solutions addressing the challenge of seamlessly integrating high-quality sound into the living environment.

UandKSound products are virtually perfect for any application, such that you do not have to settle for an inferior listening experience.

Even the best reference loudspeakers will not deliver uncompromised satisfaction unless the system is properly conceived, designed, installed, and calibrated. For this reason, UandKSound only partners with qualified distributors worldwide, many of whom are CEDIA members, offering exemplary factory support. You can be assured that your investment into UandKSound will provide the most inspiring sound for years without compromise.


Continual investment into cutting-edge technology is paramount! Before assembly, our components are carefully selected and only those conforming to tightly defined tolerances are ultimately chosen. The same care and attention is dedicated to the production of the crossover network which, along with the loudspeakers, is of fundamental importance to the quality of the diffusors.

Our extensive listening tests are a crucial part of the manufacturing process before each speaker and electronic component is ‘burned-in’ and thoroughly measured for several days. UandKSound products advance to the final manufacturing stage only if the measurements show no deviation. Lastly, skilled, well-trained ears test every component to ensure that everything is up to UandKSound standards.


By using the latest styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) process, we give you the best in reflex presentation and balance of all measurements without overload or malfunction. The width of the rubber edge is carefully designed to give flexible dimension. It will not pull the driver in rapid motion nor under load in slower motion. This will also avoid transmitting the reversed phase of sound waves, thus generating any acoustic wave interference.


The traditional cones used today have already proven to give good sound quality, but UandKSound has engineered methods and materials to give you even greater sound reproduction.


The three usual materials used, KSV, TIL and ASV produce different sound effects, yet they all act to assist the control and balance of the speaker. Because UandKSound wanted a unique sound quality, we adapted the combination of the coil tube and cone to give you the best possible design on demand.


UandKSound uses the best elasticated cone to form the master wavelength by utilising a high heat formula process. This provides the elasticity required and, by using the R and triangular designs for support, the movement of the speaker is not compromised.

  • We use a ladder effect design for all our speakers, i.e. wide at the front and narrow at the rear. This design reduces sonic repercussion and diffraction. This gives the speaker clearer and more detailed sound.
  • A thinner wall layer not only gives the speaker greater atmospheric compression, but also more dynamic driving force, and provides the speaker a more transient effect at the same time.
  • Using 12dB in design and implementing a middle and high frequency impedance compensation process, balances the sound effect.

 “UandKSound was conceived as a result of my inspiration to create new masterpieces”

Chief Design Officer